Our annual check up routine.

A few months ago I took the kids to the pediatrician and she was alarmed with their lifestyle.  Basically she said the kids needed to exercise more and eat fruits and veggies.  Imagine being a kid and hearing this and freaking completely out.  It took months to get on the intake schedule at the Healthy for Life Clinic at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Last we went in for our first visit.  Needless to say we binged out on tasty burgers and ice cream the night before lol.

The surprising twist to our appointment.

We arrived at CHOA at Scottish Rite.  The staff was super friendly, there was no wait.  I filled out paperwork and we were called back within minutes.  It started pretty standard.  Checking my sons vitals.  We went back and learned we would be seeing a team of specialist that day.  We saw a nutritionist, psychiatrist, activities specialist and a doctor.  No one prescribed a diet… they all proposed an alternative to the way we currently eat but no diet!  Strange way to get healthy!

Next steps.

At the conclusion of our visit we had some extremely measurable goals:

  1. Go to the YMCA a minimum of 2 times per week.
  2. Focus on breakfast only.
  3. Come back in a month.

Our only focus is on being sure that we don’t eat out during breakfast.  We have to set up some menus for breakfast and then stick to it.  I’m not gonna lie, the next day we failed and had to grab breakfast on the run.  But we’ve been okay for the last two days.  Some examples we were given for breakfast are:

  1. Mini bagels, nuts, fruit and water or milk.
  2. Oatmeal and fruit.
  3. Grits, eggs and fruit or meat.
  4. Eggs and Meat.

For a family used to having grits, eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits it was a shocker when our Nutritionist said pick one, grits or biscuit not both!

Well it’s settled.  We have our new membership the YMCA on an extreme discount through this program and we will be there tomorrow morning.  Our journey to family fitness begins now.

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