This week was my birthday and I knew exactly where I wanted my husband to take me for dinner, Greens and Gravy!  As a fellow foodie, I have been following Darius Cooks on Facebook for a while now.  His facebook live videos used to make my day man.  Like seriously, how can anybody make frying chicken look like so much fun!

This summer Darius opened his restaurant in West Atlanta.  I knew I wanted to go, but I also knew I needed to be in good company.  There is nothing worse than going somewhere you’ve been anticipating with someone that kills your vibe ya know?   So we waited until my birthday and the hubby said it was my choice.  WITHOUT hesitation I knew where we were going to dinner!   When I pulled up the address in my GPS I noticed there was an open table reservation link, so being the smart lady I am, I made a 9:30 pm reservation.

Disclaimer: The kitchen closes at 9:30 pm so if you make a 9:30 pm reservation get there a few minutes early so you can have your order prepared.

So we get there and hubby and I are dressed all extra cute because it’s my birthday right.  It’s two or three other couples inside of the restaurant at this time.  It’s a Thursday night in Atlanta, in the west end, clearly, everybody is on a date.  Fellas listen if you wanna see if your girl is really down to earth take her to Greens and Gravy on a date and see what she orders.  If she orders RED KOOLAID you can take her home to your mama!

We place our orders and then I realize Darius needs to have a soundtrack cd for sale.  We are jamming to Sade, Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross.  The music is on point, the walls are adorned with culturally specific paintings and the Sweet Tea was clearly made by somebody’s grandmama on a Sunday afternoon.

As a Southern Girl with South Roots and a family that ate at Grandmama’s house every Sunday as a child, I felt like I was at home.  We ordered the honey lemon pepper fried chicken as our entrees.  My husband opted for the sweet potato grits and mac n cheese, while I got mac n cheese and greens.

Let’s talk about this.  You see that picture up there?  You see how cute we are…..don’t think you’re gonna be able to EAT for real dressed all cute at this spot.  It’s not going to happen.  Once we took the first bite I asked for to go boxes because I needed to go home, put on some pajama pants with elastic in the waist and sit in a big comfy chair for this!

Our food comes out.  Chicken piled high looking all delicious.  But when the waiter came back with my sides in mini cast iron skillets holding it with my grandmama’s potholder I was DONE!  Yall this macaroni and cheese was so cheesy and smelled amazing.  The chicken was crispy and fried to perfection.  My husband’s sweet potato grits were by far the most amazing sweet potato dish we’ve ever had.  But yall can we talk about the Collard Greens.  My God I heard angels sing.

The magnitude of the flavours within this dish that hit my tastebuds upon that first bite was crazy.  Then my waiter brought out this tiny little dish of what I think are diced tomatoes.  I’m like man I haven’t that in a long time, let me take a trip down memory lane.  So I put some on my fork, add some greens, insert in my mouth and I swear I had an out of body experience.

Girl that’s not tomatoes!  I know but what is it?  Is that?  It couldn’t be!  Is this WATERMELON?!?!?!

At this point, my husband is just looking at me crazy and yall its watermelon for the greens.  I’m DONE.  I mean D-O-N-E!  Stick a fork in me done.  Did Darius seriously pair some diced watermelon salsa with collard greens?  I have never in my life experienced anything as delicious as greens with watermelon.  Now I dare not attempt this next summer at the family bar-b-que but it was ah-ma-zing.

Now, remember I’m still all extra cute and these Greens have set me off.  I asked for a container just for my greens, because I’m one of those people that don’t want their greens juice touching anything else.  My waiter happily obliged me by bringing me a little container for my greens.

When asked how our meal was, there were not adequate words in the English dictionary to fully express the range of emotions felt while having this particular culinary experience.  So naturally, I took to Facebook and said there are no words…. then I inserted pictures of our food.  My friends jumped all over that status tagging other people in it letting them they must go!  Like seriously, even within this blog post I highly doubt I have captured the full uniqueness of the experience we had at Greens and Gravy.  I encourage you to go.

Not necessarily with your kids though, (it’s not that kind of spot) but maybe with your very best girlfriends or your honey.  See everybody doesn’t need to experience this with you, only a chosen few!


~Chef Kimihou


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