Royal Icing Recipe
  1. 1. Begin by adding the powdered sugar and meringue powder to your mixing bowl. Using the paddle attachment, gently mix. 2. With the mixer on low add the water and the water and flavoring. 3. Turn the mixer on HIGH and let mix for 2-4 mins. 4. The icing will grow in volume and become thick and fluffy. 5. Mixing times can vary greatly so be very careful not to overmix. 6. Icing should reach a soft peak when you lift up the paddle. 7. Once this step is completed, you can color the icing and water it back down to flooding consistency. I strive for a 7-10 second flood icing.
Recipe Notes

It is important to reach a soft peak and then separate the amount needed out and add water to change the consistency.  It is important to do this or else it will not work.

Author: chefkimhouandco