Let’s talk about something: Obesity

We all have heard it’s expensive to eat healthily. Not only is it expensive it’s time-consuming. So if I set out on a farmers market run on Saturday those fruits and veggies are no longer any good after a few days or they have been eaten up! Basically, I would need to now to make several runs to the farmers market (as the grocery stores in the A.A. neighborhoods don’t have the nicest looking produce). The daily farmers market is about 45 mins from my home and a grocery store with a nice produce section is 30 mins away.

Sooooo now we have multiple long car trips to get healthy food to eat. Let’s add on the fact that when you begin to exercise on a regular basis you are hungry all of the time. So on top of gym memberships, and inconvenient access to healthy foods, now we need more food than usual.

So children’s healthcare of Atlanta in their awesomeness sent our family through their strong for life program. It’s a super amazing program if you have children struggling with weight issues. Part of this program includes a reduced membership to the YMCA.

We joined what is called the Coach Approach. During last week’s visit, I was told to begin tracking my eating on the MyFitnessPal app. I’m six days in and I’ve learned something valuable…..I don’t eat enough! Imagine my surprise in trying to lose weight that I discover I’m not consuming enough food to do that.

Now what?

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