Throw Me on the Burnpile and Light me Up

The Aurora Theatre is known for putting on amazing plays.  Their rendition of In the Heights absolutely blew us away so much, my son was determined to be in it.  Like seriously, a few months later he auditioned and was cast in the Performer’s Warehouse  In the Heights cast this past April.  Last month we saw the Hunchback of Notre Dame at the Aurora and the cast was absolutely amazing.  They were huge and it was truly one of the biggest productions we have seen at the Aurora.  Imagine my surprise as I was given the program for Throw Me on the Burn Pile and Light Me Up.  It’s a one-woman show.

The cast consisted of simply “The Girl.”  Taylor M. Dooley is absolutely phenomenal in this play written by Lucy Alibar and directed by Rachel Parish.  I never imagined watching a one-woman show about a little girl in the fourth grade.  This show was a hilarious introduction to the life of fourth grader helping her dad defend people on death row.  It is a show that captivates the audience watching Taylor play each part.  Her carefree style and storytelling abilities will bring the entire room to a rambunctious laugh multiple times throughout the show.

The use of fire to signal a change in scenes is genius.  The lighting and sound crew work in harmony with her emotions being portrayed throughout the show.  Now while the content isn’t PG, this is definitely a PG-13 show.  It would be great for a date night or girls night out in Lawrenceville.  The Aurora theatre continues to live up their legacy of being one of the best Theatres in Georgia.  This show is a MUST see!

Tickets can be purchased at the Aurora Theatre.

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